Michael Floyd Pleads Guilty; What is Next?

Michael Floyd
Photo Courtesy of Gaspar Garcia de Paredes, Flickr

Notre Dame star receiver Michael Floyd pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor druken driving charge that he was given back in March and was sentenced to one year of probation on Wednesday.

Floyd’s guilty plea and sentencing was to be expected. As long as he attends a class and keeps his record clean, Floyd will only have to be without his driver’s license for three months and then will have to a detector in his car for six months after he gets his license back.

The question remains is will the senior play in the Irish’s opener against South Florida on the first Saturday in September?

Brian Kelly has made it clear that Floyd will only play in the season opener if he reaches certain requirements. The Irish head man has yet to say what those specific requirements are, but you have to imagine it requires staying out of trouble, doing community service, going to class and getting good grades and showing up to practice and camps on time ready to work.

From all indications, Floyd has been a model citizen so far since he got in trouble in the law more than three months ago. Kelly has already allowed him to participate in summer workouts and other practices with his teammates, so it is only a matter of time before he reinstates Floyd back to the team.

Hopefully the receiver will use this as a tool to teach himself a lesson. This is the second time that he has had an issue with alcohol. A few years back, Floyd was caught underaged drinking alcohol, which is something that most college students can attest to.

Stilll though, it is clear that Floyd has an issue with alcohol and this gives him a second chance to turn his life around before his drinking problem becomes a serious issue that could effect his professional career at the next level.

Not too many people get that second chance. Floyd must make the most of it, not only for his teammates and coaching staff, but most importantly for himself, his family and those who love him.

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