Key Offensive Change for Nebraska

By Paul Troupe

As stated in an earlier post, something I mentioned that needed changing was an unpredictability on the play calling by Shawn Watson. With a new coordinator in charge, I feel that Tim Beck will make the necessary changes. Another problem that Watson had last year was that he was never good and making adjustments in game. Let’s review a few times where Watson pretty much did not do anything.

Nebraska vs Texas

Need I mention more? Watson tried to outrun the Texas perimeter speed all game long, and nothing ever worked. Now, the receivers did blow a couple passes that could have changed the game around, but that still does not make up for the fact that Watson insisted on running the delayed hand off option between Martinez and Helu/Burkehead. It never worked because Watson tried to run it too much, and Texas knew it was coming.

Nebraska vs Oklahoma

What a painful game to watch for Cornhusker faithful. Since Nebraska jumped out to an early lead, everything felt so good. One couldn’t have scripted the game better. However, after that initial burst, Oklahoma shut down the Nebraska offense. Taylor look flustered all game long. Watson tried to keep doing things that worked in the first quarter and a half, and after Oklahoma made a few defensive adjustments, shut down the offense. Watson had no idea how to make adjustments on his own.
Now, the Nebraska offense had moments of brilliance (Oklahoma State, early vs Missouri, Washington [first game]), but that still doesn’t make up for the lack of creativity by Watson. He rarely changed offensive schemes in games, which killed the Nebraska offense. For this unit to be successful this season, Tim Beck will need to be able to read and react to what the defense is giving us. If he is able to do that successfully, then this could be a good season. If he cannot, then Nebraska better be prepared to go through some tough stretches again during games. I am not ready to be frustrated again by the inability of the offense to make necessary changes to propel our team to victory.

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