Cy-Hawk Trophy to be Changed Again?

By Matt Farland

       People of Iowa rejoice!  It appears that the Iowa Corn Growers Association, new sponsor of the Cy-Hawk Series, may be rethinking their choice of a new trophy for the annual football matchup that pits rivals Iowa and Iowa State against one another.  The sponsors plan on meeting tomorrow to discuss changing the trophy yet again, after taking over the series from Hy-Vee and unveiling their new trophy for the game last week at the Iowa State Fair.  The trophy, which has received constant criticism since being shown for the first time on Friday, features a farming family coming together around a bushel of corn.  What, critics (or in this case, everybody) argue, does farming or corn have to do with a football game?  Fans want a trophy that will create tradition, that shows the toughness and grit of the game-or at least shares the likeness of the two schools.  This one provided neither, only serving as a platform for advertising.

       With the association’s decision to possibly change the trophy, the Hawkeye State breathes a sigh of relief.  No one had anything good to say about this new trophy.  It clearly tried to promote the sponsor more than the game, no matter how much they wanted to throw out the whole “We’re trying to show Iowa’s values” thing.  While possibly a bit bland, the old trophy (pictured second) was fine.  But, as outraged as I was at the hideous new trophy, I have to give the Iowa Corn Growers Association some credit (assuming they do, in fact, make a new one that is drastically different).  They took something that they were probably very proud of while having sponsored the series for only a few months, and scraped it because the fans didn’t want it.  Keep corn off the prize, make it about football, and we will all be fine.

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