Florida Football Countdown 'Til Kickoff: 12) Our Opporunity is Here

By Brett Kaplan

It’s 12 days until the Florida Gators open up play against the Florida Atlantic Owls. These are my top 20 reasons to be excited about this upcoming season. Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment.

Well, the University of Tennesse has a nice little motto this year:

Tennessee's Motto
Via @darrenrovell

Absolutely great job by the University of Tennessee Athletic Association and PR department. To let this picture out shows what a fine institution the Volunteers are running. I’m just happy Tennessee is one of our biggest rivals. Now we can plaster it all over The Swamp September 16. In case you haven’t figure it out, it’s supposed to say “Opportunity is now here”. The motto is fitting. The Vols shouldn’t really have the opportunity to win many games this season. Maybe it’s just forshadowing.

I can’t say our poster is much better. But you do get the patented Muschamp Stare that will pierce anything it comes in contact with. It shows the Gators mean business this year:

Florida Football poster
Via GatorZone.com

Well, you be the judge. I’ll take the stare over nowhere any day of the week.

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