Husker Running Backs To Carry Team

By Paul Troupe

Much has been said about the Husker offense. This post will focus on what the Husker offense, specifically the running backs, err I-Back as it is referred to, will have to carry the team this year. Rex Burkhead has cemented himself in the starting position after impressing coaches, fans, and scouts the past 2 years. However, turmoil amounts behind him.

After Dontrayevous Robinson transferred early this spring, Nebraska’s depth with in game in experience significantly decreased. Austin Jones, Curenski Gilleyln, and Collins Okafor have not had a significant amount of carries the past few years, nor in major game situations. These three all do know the offense, however, so that should be a plus for them. However, there are there freshmen who are looking to make an immediate impact.

Ameer Abdullah Aaron Green, and Braylon Heard are three big name high school recruits that Nebraska landed this past fall. These two are hoping to be thrust right into the spotlight as the backup to Rex. Word out of camp that these boys are fast, explosive, and agile. This is not just coming from anyone either, this comes from Jared Crick. This will be a good problem for Nebraska to have. Nebraska has used the “we” concept since Calvin Jones and Derek Brown started it in the early 90’s.

In the new offense, it is expected that Nebraska will run the ball down the opponents throat. They will not go all out on the pass as in recent years, but rather, a more balanced load will help. A big bruising back will be something Nebraska has not had in a long time. Burkhead just isn’t big enough (but no doubt runs like he is), Helu was more of a one cut back. Brandon Jackson, Corey Ross, and Correll Buckhalter have all been good Husker backs. Buckhalter in my opinion would be the closest Nebraska has had in a while. I’m thinking of big, mean guys like Thunder Collins, Cory Schlesinger, Dan Alexander, Mike Rozier, and Joel Mackovicka. Big Boys who could push the pile. I am excited to see what happens this year. The I-Back position will be critical to the Husker offense this fall.

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