It's Official: New Cy-Hawk Trophy Scrapped

By Matt Farland

       The people have spoken, and the new Cy-Hawk Trophy for the annual Iowa-Iowa State football game, has officially been scrapped.  After facing nearly unanimous criticism from fans and national media alike, the Iowa Corn Growers Association decided that maybe their attempt at advertising on the top of a football trophy and trying to pass it off as the epitome of Iowan values was counterproductive.  The Iowa Corn Growers Association took over as the sponsor for the series this summer.

       Seeing as there’s no longer any time to get together a new trophy before the teams’ September 10th matchup, the Association plans to use some sort of interim trophy for this year’s game.  Iowa Corn will then do the smart thing by coming up with a few different designs and let fans vote on them.  As bitter as you may have been about the now-defunct trophy (as I was), give them some credit for listening to the fans and giving them an input into the next trophy.  Now we just need to worry about keeping corn off of the new Iowa-Nebraska trophy…

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