Oklahoma Sooners Football: Two Players Receive What They Deserved

By Luke McConnell

Hard work pays off, and Monday afternoon two Oklahoma Sooners experienced that reward in the form of a college scholarship.

Seniors James Winchester and Trent Ratterree were awarded scholarships as announced by head coach Bob Stoops after practice on Monday evening. Ratterree is a fifth year senior and plays tight end, while Winchester is a senior and most known for his long snapping abilities.

Last year, Winchester recovered three fumbles on muffed punts by the opposition, including one by Texas’ Aaron Williams that sealed a Red River Shootout victory over the Longhorns for the Sooners.

Ratterree has always played significant minutes for the Sooners, accumulating 21 catches for 350 yards and a touchdown for his career. Many have always wondered by Ratterree was not on scholarship, seeing as Oklahoma has had at least three placekickers on scholarship at the same time.

The contributions of these players normally get brushed under the rug until something major happens like Winchester’s fumble recovery against Texas and Ratterree’s touchdown against Florida State.

Both of these players are a tribute to the fact that hard work does pay off in the end. Many of the players will tell you that they are two of the most respected leaders on this team.

It’s unfortunate that the little contributions of players such as these don’t always get recognized, but it’s always an exciting thing when they finally do get the recognition they deserve.

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