Roy Roundtree: The Most Under Rated Star in the B1G

By Doug Ross

Is there a least heralded, dominant player in the country than Roy Roundtree?  I believe there is a reason for this, but I do not think it is justified.  So let’s start from the beginning.  Roundtree was a 4* recruit and an Ohio native.  So many believed he could be the next lineage of Buckeye speedster receivers.  He never received that Ohio State scholarship, so he shockingly committed to Purdue.  At the last moment he received a sketchy scholarship offer from Rich Rodriguez, and was coaxed into committing.  He then redshirted because his 6’1 150 pound frame couldn’t possibly hold up in a Big Ten season. Fast forward 2 years and Roundtree leads the B1G in receptions, he is 3rd in yards and 7th in touchdown receptions.  So why doesn’t Roundtree get any love? 

I believe the reason is that Roundtree’s Michigan momentum started too late in the game.  Daryl Stonum, WR from Texas, was the apple of Michigan Football’s 2008 recruiting classes’ eye.  He was a high 4*, and the highest rated Michigan recruit according to most recruitment sites.  He also never redshirted (until this year that is).  Roundtree did the opposite.  He didn’t commit to Michigan in time for the Michigan faithful and message boards to shower as much love over him.  Then he redshirted which prolonged his love affair with the fans.  Quite frankly, if a program itself isn’t going to give a player enough love, then there is no reason why the national media would pick up on him.

Roundtree is a rare blend of size and speed.  While he won’t wow you with his weight (180 lbs), he is a legitimate 6’1 receiver with 4.4 speed.  He also has an unbelievable rapport with Denard Robinson.  It is no secret that Robinson loves to run the ball, but this duo has an uncanny way of confusing defensive coordinators and befuddling the opposing defense.  For example in this clip (2:52) you will see Robinson fake a run and then throw a dart to Stonum for the easy touchdown.  This was an option play, and Stonum faked to block and then ran a go-route all the way to the end zone.  After a campaign of 72 catches, 935 yards and 7 touchdowns, Roundtree is the unquestioned #1 receiver for the Wolverines.  With a west coast offense being implemented, Roundtree has an opportunity to capitalize on shorter passes and burst away from the defense with his blinding speed.  He will continue to be a terror for opposing defenses on Denard Robinson option plays, as evidenced by the video above. 

It doesn’t quite click to me that Roundtree gets less  publicity than players whom he had much better seasons’ than (Marvin Mcnutt, Devier Posey, David Gilreath, Nick Toon, Tandon Doss, and B.J. Cunningham).  However, you better enjoy Roundtree while you can, because at age 22, if this redshirt junior has a year comparable or better than last year, this will be your last chance to watch this guy on Saturdays.

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