UPDATE: Bar Workers Say Victim Threw First Punch

By Riley Schmitt

Well, here is the positive news that LSU fans were looking for.  In this report from ESPN, bar workers say victim Andrew Lowery threw the first punch in a brawl that may have involved LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson.  The bar workers state that Lowery was kicked out of the bar and then threw the first punch.  They also state that Jefferson was not involved in the brawl initially.

Well, I’m starting to run out of things to say about this situation.  However, this is good news for LSU fans.  This sheds more light on this case that had painted the LSU players in a negative light.  If the victim started the brawl, it is better legal news for LSU.  Of course, if Jefferson actually kicked the guy in the head, this doesn’t help at all.  However, it does cast doubt on the victim’s story.

In the last couple of days, this has been the first positive news for LSU.  Although this may not matter, this could turn into a he-said, he-said sort of thing.  That bodes well for LSU.  If there is no matching DNA evidence, the players should be cleared.  This is a long way from being resolved, but at least LSU fans have a ray of hope.

We will keep you updated if something else breaks.  So look for three or four new updates by the end of tomorrow.  Although this case is not good for anyone, I can’t say that it doesn’t provide a juicy story.

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