Hoke Names Shaw Starter at Running Back

By Doug Ross

Mike Shaw will get the chance to be the Michigan running back.  He has endured three years of playing in a spread offense, but the senior from Ohio has picked up the more traditional offensive style the quickest of any back.  At 6’1 200 pounds Shaw has good size for a B1G running back.  He is not the heaviest back on the roster, but his size/speed blend makes him a threat to be a complete back.  Al Borges said that Shaw should, “expect to garner about 25 carries a game.”  Sophomore, Fitzgerald Toussaint, will back up Shaw.  I think that Shaw gets the nod over Toussaint because of Shaw’s ability to pick up blitzers and protect Denard Robinson.  In a west coast offense, Robinson will have fewer QB draws, and will have to go through his progressions before running more often.  This makes it imperative that the offense has a Running back that can pick up freed up blitzers, or unblocked defenders.  It appears that with Robinson, Rountree and Shaw as the top 3 skill positions that this team went from young to old in less than a year.  That experience could very well be the key to a successful season, and it begins with a successful rushing attack.

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