Sunday Night bidtits

By Drew Wooden

Woops…that would be tidbits. Anyway, I wanted to write a quick post about comments from Coach Danny Hope after Sunday’s practice. A couple of things came to light:

  • Caleb TerBush was named the starter, which was highly expected. However, Coach Hope announced that Sean Robinson would also get a chance to play on Saturday.
  • Coach Hope commented that Ken Plue would likely not be ready to play and he’s unsure of when Plue would get a chance to play this year. That was also expected, but it’s more bad news to lose a veteran player that has started 20+ games for Purdue.
  • Coach Hope also listed some freshmen that he thought would see the field this year: Akeem Hunt (RB), Brandon Cottom (RB/FB), Armstead Williams (LB), Raheem Mostert (WR, KR/PR), and Taylor Richards (CB/S). Hope stated that Hunt has been burning the defense down the field in practice. More RB depth is always a good thing!
I wanted to share my thoughts about Hope’s decision to play Sean Robinson along with Caleb TerBush rather than stick with one quarterback. To me, this decision will not benefit Purdue. Will it be great for our quarterback depth? Sure. And I don’t think this will be a make-or-break factor in a game against Middle Tennessee State (or Rice or SE Missouri State). However, when the Notre Dame game rolls around, we want a confident quarterback that knows he can lead his team to victory. We want a guy that feels comfortable with his receivers and offensive linemen in game situations. This is something that can only be done with repetition. Both TerBush and Robinson have limited experience and these repetitions will be valuable not only for them, but for the whole offensive unit. For that reason, I think the decision to have quarterback share time is a poor decision. We’ll see how it plays out, but the two quarterback system has not been historically successful in college football, although I am sure you could find examples if you limit the definition of “successful.”
One last thought about this — Coach Hope stated that he would give Sean Robinson the nod at an “earmarked” time during the game. I do not know whether this means a certain possession or a certain score or a certain quarter. Anyway, we’ll see on Saturday when Robinson goes in and then determine what Hope’s earmark is. I would hope that it means Purdue will not play Robinson until we have a 17 pt cushion, but we don’t know.
Of course, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Hope is all talk and that he plans on only playing TerBush exclusively but is hoping that Middle Tennessee State sees his comments and prepares for two different quarterbacks rather than one. We kind of saw Hope do something similar last year as Robert Marve played the entirety of the Notre Dame game, but Hope had remarked prior to that game that Henry will get a chance to play quarterback.

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