Can Dayne Crist Lead Notre Dame to a BCS Game This Year?

By Living Baseball

I must admit, I was a little surprised at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish being ranked 16 to start the year, but I was definitely happy about it. I was very excited to hear Dayne Crist was healthy enough to be named QB One again, because I think he’s insanely talented. The question is- can Dayne Crist lead Notre Dame to a big time BCS game?

The fan in me says- yes he can. Realistically? I think it’ll be really tough. Notre Dame has a real tough schedule this year, but if they can go 10-2…they’ll get in. An upset of Stanford, beating up on USC again- I think they’ll get in. The entire season is goign to fall on how successful Crist is. If he’s leading one of the best offenses in football this year- they’ll get in. If he struggles- they won’t. And why not? This is an experienced player whose been battled tested on the field- and off it. His injuries have been really tough- and he’s continusouly come back. That shows he’s a leader- and a guy the younger kids look up too.

As long as Dayne Crist stays healthy- Notre Dame is going to give it’s opponent all it can handle. A couple breaks here and there? It’s not impossible. It’s really not to see Notre Dame return to glory- finally. We’ll see what happens, but I for one am excited to see Dayne Crist back on the football field.

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