Oklahoma Sooners Throw Hat Into Realignment Ring

By Luke McConnell

University of Oklahoma president David Boren answered any questions people may have been having about the Sooners’ place in this new wave of realignment talks.

The Sooners are right in the thick of it.

Boren said that Oklahoma is weighing its options and will decide within the next three days to three weeks on what plan of action is best for the Sooners. He also said that the Sooners have been in contact with several conferences, which would explain the unusual silence that has been coming from Norman over the past few weeks and months.

One of the more popular options is for Oklahoma, along with Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech to head to the Pac-12 and form the first 16 team super conference. Obviously discussions for preserving the Big 12 are still on the table as well.

Because of the Longhorn Network, Texas isn’t necessarily concerned with moving or staying because they’ll be raking in money no matter what. Oklahoma is currently in the driver’s seat of the survival of the Big 12 now, a position that Baylor athletic director just confirmed after Baylor’s win over TCU.

If Oklahoma leaves, the Big 12 is essentially dead. But if it decides to stay, then the ball is in the court of the Big 12 officials to replace Texas A&M and possibly add more teams to increase the number back to 12.

The only thing to do is to wait and see what’s going to happen because honestly, there aren’t very many people who know.

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