University of Oklahoma President David Boren Preparing to Leave the Big 12

It appears the Oklahoma Sooners could be the one to pull the plug on the Big 12′s life support. University of Oklahoma President David Boren told reporters Friday that OU is shopping around for a new conference.

Boren also admitted that Oklahoma representatives flew to meet with Texas A&M officials in an attempt to convince them not to leave the Big 12.

It also appears that the Big 10 is not an option for the Sooners and the SEC may still be an option, but not likely. This would leave the Pac 12 as the most likely landing place for Oklahoma if the Big 12 does fall apart.

Speculation on who the Big 12 might look to add to the conference has run rampant in the past week. Notre Dame, Arkansas and BYU appear to have all been targeted by Commissioner Dan Beebe for expansion with nothing materializing.

The latest rumor is that the SEC will be adding Oklahoma, Florida State and Virginia Tech to it’s lineup along with Texas A&M. This scenario would conflict with reports that the Sooners are committed to staying aligned with Oklahoma State.

The one thing we know for sure is that nothing is for sure. The entire situation is changing hourly. With week 2 being an off week for Oklahoma, it may be possible that they make a decision on their future within the next week.

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  • joe hammer

    Cya Texas as the sooners leave too.Longhorns become so greedy with their TV money that they soon will be on an island by themselves.A conference is about sharing money to make it work but the longhorns have become all about this is mine .Great college rivalry’s are soon to be gone as Texas can’t find their rivals for a game after this year.

    • Jeff Shull

      Looks like the Pac 16 is going to happen with OU and Texas moving…seems like the LHN is going by the wayside though