Notre Dame Absolutely Chokes Against South Florida

By Living Baseball

In a season in which was supposed to return Notre Dame back to the elite of college football, Notre Dame decided to simply play one of the worst football games in terms of execution I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t think I yelled at a TV more during any sporting game than today.

Let’s start with the 5 turnovers- 3 of which were in the redzone. Wait…4? Or 3? Who cares. You DO NOT turn the ball as much as Notre Dame did and win. Period…end of story. Dane Crist looked insanely rusty, and Tommy Rees ALMOST brought them back- but simply not enough.

Let’s now go to the penalties. Back to back facemasking calls in the first half- turned into points. A bad pass interference call in the endzone in the 4th turned into a TD- which decided the fate for the Irish. The one that drove me most nuts? The STUPID 15 yard roughness penalty in the 4th quarter that gave Southern Florida a first down. REALLY? How stupid can you be Notre Dame?

This team looked like a high school team at times, but still managed to put 500 yards on the board. 500 yards…20 points. That’s just a complete joke.


As you can tell- I’m extremely aggravated and disappointed. I thought the defense played extremely well and were put in a couple real tough situations, but come on. Notre Dame has USC, Michigan, Michigan State, and Stanford- so this was a MUST win game at home…and they absolutely threw it away.

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