University of Oklahoma Forcing Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe's Hand?

By Jeff Shull

As rumors began to spread after Texas A&M’s departure from the Big 12 became official, everyone started to speculate on who, if anyone, would be joining the Big 12.

Then today reports surfaced that multiple conferences have contacted the University of Oklahoma about a possible realignment.

Is this all a power move by Oklahoma president David Boren? Absolutely. He didn’t have to go public with that information—it has to be a part of the plan to make sure Oklahoma doesn’t get left behind.

Dan Beebe better be paying attention, because while Oklahoma won’t orchestrate the demise of the Big 12, they won’t sit by idly either.

Oklahoma officials traveled to College Station in an effort to get A&M to stay, but there have now been rumors that a possible super conference could emerge with the SEC adding A&M, OU, Virginia Tech, and Florida State.

The message Boren is sending Big 12 officials is simply “make the conference whole again or we’re outta here.” I hope for the conference’s sake Beebe is listening.




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