Nebraska Unimpressive in Win

By Paul Troupe

Anyone else impressed by Nebraska’s win over Tennessee Chattanooga? You, you raised your hand? No, you didn’t? Yea that’s what I thought. Nebraska really didn’t impress much of anyone in their victory of the Mocs in Lincoln on Saturday. Though the final score indicates a pretty big victory by the Big Red, it never really felt like they dominated the game.

The offense had a few big plays, namely in Martinez’s touchdown runs of 47 and 33 yards, and a Burkhead touchdown run that was called back because he stepped out inside the 10. Take away those Martinez touchdown runs, and he has 17 carries for a pedestrian 2.6 yard average. Take away both Martinez runs and Rex’s long run, that leaves Nebraska with 87 yards on 40 carries, or a 2.1 yard average. How’s that for a new offense?

The defense in the game wasn’t too impressive for me either. The defensive line and linebackers were able to get ample pressure on Coleman, resulting in three sacks and a multitude of horrible passes. They were also able to get a Crick tipped pass that landed in the hands of Cameron Meredith for an interception. But the secondary was downright awful in this game. Yes, Dennard is missing, but it still doesn’t explain the multiple blown coverages.

Andrew Green fell down that resulted in the Mocs only touchdown. But even minus that, the Mocs were picking on him all day. The defensive line only gave up 60 yards rushing, but there were a few big holes, that had this been a better team, would have led to some longer runs.

A bright spot in the day was Ameer Abdullah. He had some fantastic punt returns (I do not count the fumble as his fault either) and was able to show why he should be back there. He probably would have had a touchdown had he not ran into the back of his own blocker. Jamal Turner also did his best Reggie Bush impersonation, dancing all over the field on his way to a play that should have gone for a touchdown. Instead, he got caught from behind. But he showed flashes of brilliance, I expect more big things to come. I also liked what I saw out of Brett Maher, as he made a 50 yard field goal into the wind, and it was dead money. He looks like he will do a solid job of replacing Henery.

More in depth reviews will be coming.

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