Oklahoma Sooners Coach Bob Stoops Hints New Pac 16 Could Mean End to Red River Rivalry

By Jake Keyes

According to Oklahoma football head coach Bob Stoops, the Sooners would not need Texas to join them in the Pac 12 and their annual rivalry with the Longhorns would not be “necessary” if the two did separate.

Tuesday, during his weekly press conference in Norman, Stoops was asked if he could see Oklahoma moving to another conference without Texas.

Stoops replied, “sure, why not?”

When asked if he would like to see the annual rivalry with Texas continue if the two did separate, he said, “I don’t think that’s necessary.”

Huge words from a huge player in the conference realignment game. In fact, his comments probably give us a glimpse into exactly what type of mentality Oklahoma has going forward.

Last year when realignment talks were running rampant, it appeared two things were certain. Texas was running the show and Oklahoma was committed to linking itself to the Horns. This time around it seems that neither are true.

Because Texas has gone ahead with it’s own television network, other conferences could be finding them to be difficult to deal with. The other teams in the Big 12 have grown tired of watching Texas call all the shots.

It has become very clear that Oklahoma President David Boren and Athletic Director Joe Castiglione did not like the way the Sooners were made to look last year during realignment talks. Nobody in Norman likes to be seen as riding the Texas coattails.

With the comments made by Stoops today, it is obvious at least some portion of the Sooner hierarchy is prepared to move on with or without Texas.



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