Big 12 Football: Baylor Lawsuit Threat Childish and Immature

By Luke McConnell

You know that girl that’s really good friends with that guy?

She’s not as attractive as the girl that the guy is currently looking at pursuing and secretly, she’s unbelievably jealous because she’s in love with him.

So because she and the guy are really good friends, she knows everything about him. He has a lot of dirty little secrets and she threatens to reveal them to the world if he decides to date girl #2. Needless to say, he decides not to date her for fear of everyone hearing his secrets.

That’s exactly what Baylor University  and several other Big 12 schools are doing with Texas A&M.

Wednesday morning, SEC presidents officially extended an invitation for the Aggies to join the SEC. Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe had submitted a letter to SEC commissioner Mike Slive on Friday saying that the remaining Big 12 schools had agreed to waive the possibility of legal action against Texas A&M for leaving the conference.

However, Baylor has said that it is retaining their right to legal action and is threatening to file legal action if Texas A&M leaves the Big 12.

Since the Bears announced their intentions, Iowa State, Kansas and Kansas State have also voiced their intentions to file legal action as well.

The latest reports say that six schools, those previous four along with Missouri and Texas Tech, have basically demanded that Oklahoma commit itself to the Big 12. If the Sooners do that, Texas A&M can leave for the SEC with no problems.

However, how can Oklahoma want to stay in a league that would do that sort of childish and immature thing to one of its fellow members.

Baylor is so far out of line with this one. Oklahoma and Texas A&M are capitalizing on the things that Baylor has not been able to, nor probably will ever be able to achieve: prestige and success at the highest level.

Baylor football has never been relevant on a national scale and any hopes of it had for gaining respect are going right out the window with their futile efforts of keeping the Big 12 together.

Texas A&M wants to leave and it is ready to walk right out the door. It has the approval of the SEC. It HAD the approval of the Big 12 institutions.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are also ready to leave. If the Aggies leaves, Oklahoma is not far behind in heading for the Pac-12. That is pretty much a certainty.

However, every domino in the entire college athletics world is being held up by Baylor, a small, private, Baptist school in Waco, Texas. A school whose best football season ended in a 30-2 loss to Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.

Change is inevitable and Baylor is smart for recognizing the fact that the Big East is their top option in terms of notoriety should the Big 12 collapse. However, that does NOT give it the right to hold every other school in the country hostage because it sees the writing on the wall.

Baylor and every other Big 12 school needs to let this go. If they prevent it for another year, it’s just going to happen all over again the next year.

Let the chips fall as they may and hope for the best, I say. Although Baylor is not setting itself up for other conferences to be clamoring to have them in their conference.

Who wants to be a conference affiliate with a team that’s going to treat them like this?


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