Despite Re-alignment Talk, Big 12 Could Come Back Stronger Than Ever

By Jake Keyes

Everyone seems to have their theory as to where the Big 12 teams will end up. Oklahoma is supposed to head out to the Pac 12. Texas A&M is going to the SEC. Oklahoma State is going with Oklahoma, I think.

There’s supposed to be a four team package heading west. Now, somehow, Missouri has come into that conversation. But, wait a minute, the Tigers are supposed to be talking with the Big 10 and SEC.

It’s all just one big mess, but don’t give up on the Big 12 just yet. Nothing is actually done yet and if there were ever a conference worth saving it’s the Big 12.

I know it sounds crazy. But, maybe, just maybe the Big 12 can come back even stronger than ever. Stay with me on this one.

One thing we know for sure is that Oklahoma has yet to make any announcement saying they are leaving. If the Big 12’s destruction was a done deal, trust me, David Boren would not have hesitated to make a move.

Some still believe that if Oklahoma commits to the Big 12, BYU would want to join the party. If you are thinking I’m going to say the Cougars would be a good replacement for the Aggies, you would be wrong.

Perhaps BYU wanting to join the Big 12 would give the Aggies a little more confidence in the conference (even Boone Pickens says he still isn’t sure Texas A&M is leaving). Then you would have a pretty strong collection of 11 teams.

Maybe that would be enough to lure in an Arkansas or Notre Dame. Even a TCU, Louisville or Air Force would be a nice addition.

Just maybe the answer would be all the above, then maybe the Big 12 moves towards being the first Big 16. What kind of television money would that bring in? Perhaps enough to talk Texas into dropping the Longhorn network. Maybe enough to spread out equally and still keep Texas happy.

Regardless of what Texas wants us all to think, they do not want to go independent. The best thing for Texas and everyone else would be for the Big 12 to stay intact—they probably have enough power to make that happen.

Surely, A&M doesn’t want to commit suicide by playing in the SEC. Nobody in Oklahoma really wants to play the late night schedule of the Pac 12. Texas and OU don’t really want to split up—despite what Bob Stoops might say—that game is too sacred.

Maybe it’s a crazy thought or maybe it’s just a dream. Maybe not. I’m predicting the Big 12 will stay together, but don’t ask me to put any money on that.

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