Clock Management Continues To Be An Issue

By dannylinden

Remember 2009? Iowa had a chance to drive down the field with just under a minute and kick a field goal to win at Ohio State. Instead Ken O’Keefe and Kirk Ferentz decided to take a knee and play for overtime. Ohio State went on to win the game 27-24 after Iowa’s offense failed to move the ball.

Saturday, a similar situation arose. Iowa had 2 timeouts and 1:17 left on the clock following a game tying a touchdown by Iowa State. After a short run by Coker, an Iowa false start essentially turned down any chance of the Hawkeyes going for it. The next play was another Coker run which run out the clock.

At some point you have to think this Iowa offense needs to take a chance. Mike Meyer nailed a 52 yarder earlier in the game, why not try and drive 45 yards for that opportunity. Iowa is accustomed to sitting on the ball and letting the defense win the game. But one thing is pretty clear, your defense isn’t going to win you those games this year. Gone is Adrian Clayborn, Tyler Sash, Amari Spievey, Pat Angerer, Mitch King, and many other playmakers who were dominant in the past couple years.

The Hawks hadn’t stopped the Cyclones offense all day, and when they did it was because of a few fortunate fumbles. They had over 404 yards of offense at that point, so what made you think the defense was going to do any better in overtime? Had they scored on a couple fluke plays, that would have been one thing, but Steele Jantz and co. had driven it down their throats all day.

At some point you’d think the Hawkeyes would stray a little bit away from their vanilla offense and take a chance. If there was a game to do it, it was today. The Hawks failed to take that chance and leave with a 3 point, 3OT loss.

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