College Football Helps Unite a Country Ten Years After 9/11

By Jake Keyes

Ten years ago our entire way of life was threatened by what President Bush called, “a faceless coward.” While the events on 9/11 were tragic, their overall mission failed.

Football fans are still filling stadiums throughout the country. Our passion and desire to prove that we will play on is as strong as ever.

It was obvious the NFL was determined to end it’s lockout in time to play on this tenth anniversary of that tragic day. What an unbelievable statement to make.

As an NCAA record 114k fans chanted “U.S.A” last night inside Michigan’s Big House, I realized there is no better example of our patriotism and pride as a nation than inside our college football venues.

Our love for this country is obvious in our raising of the stars and stripes during the national anthem. Our nations flag covers entire football fields across America while our military’s jets fly over. The pageantry and enthusiasm surrounding the entire event shows the world what America is all about.

Grown men cry from the first note of “God Bless America.” Our unity is undoubtedly evident when fans of both teams join for a patriotic chant. In college towns all across America, thousands of fans gather and turn Saturdays into an all out celebration.

Life has continued on. Our resolve has won out. We celebrate our freedom in packed stadiums. Not just this weekend, but every weekend. Where else will you hear 114k strong sing together for love of country.

The purpose of the attacks ten years ago was to destroy our way of life, our faith in democracy and our unity as a nation. They failed. Instead of tearing us apart, they have brought us together. We aren’t celebrating an anniversary. We are remembering the day our country became stronger and even more united.

Football coaches and players may have become icons, but out from the smoke and rubble of two towers came the true heroes. More than 400 firefighters and police officers died in the Twin Towers and redefined what it means to be a hero in this country. They, along with our troops overseas, are looked up to by an entire country.

Not much has changed. Oklahoma still hates Texas, Michigan still despises Ohio State and Notre Dame is still every teams rival. But, our love for America and the strength of our unity as a nation has never been stronger. We truly are the United States of America.

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