SEC Commissioner Mike Slive States the Obvious while Oklahoma and Texas Discuss the Future

By Jake Keyes

Southeastern Conference  commissioner Mike Slive said in a statement Monday he expects Texas A&M to be a member of the SEC in 2012. Slive also said they are looking at schedules for 2012-13 involving 13 teams.

SEC members actually voted to accept the Aggies into the conference last week, but the threat of law suits from Baylor and other Big 12 schools put that invitation on hold. It appears the wait is all but over.

Slive indicated on Monday night that they were happy with just 13 schools.

“In the 78 year history of the SEC, the conference had accepted the membership applications of only two institutions — Arkansas and South Carolina,” Slive said. “Texas A&M is now the third … As I said over the past year or so, the SEC has had no particular interest in expansion. We were, and are, happy with 12 teams.”

There was more activity involving Oklahoma and Texas today as well. Texas representatives flew north on Monday to meet with David Boren and other OU officials to get a feel for what the Sooners’ future plans will be.

It is believed that if Texas A&M does leave for the SEC, Oklahoma will be prepared to seek a move to the Pac 12. However, Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott said on Friday the Pac 12 did not plan on expanding beyond 12 teams, but added that it would be a possibility if other conferences expanded to more than 12.

So, what have we learned today?

Nothing new. The whole thing is still a mess and has become a game of Texas Hold-em with 10 teams at the final table. The Aggies are on tilt and have already shown their cards. Texas is trying to out bet everyone in hopes of everyone else folding and Oklahoma has given a pretty convincing bluff.

Slive has made the worst bluff saying the SEC would like to stay with 13 teams. Anyone with a brain knows that won’t happen.

Soon we’ll know who has the strongest hand, but we already know who’s been dealt a losing hand. The Big 12.

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