Missouri State: Paycheck Game

By andrewlittle

Fresh off a rout of Nevada, Oregon’s next opponent coming to Auzten will be the Missouri State Bears. This really isn’t a game. For Oregon it’s a chance to hold a game-speed practice and see where they stand with depth. They’ll work on timing and execution, trying to work some kinks out. For Missouri State, there’s not going to be any miracle speeches or “Rudy” performances. That’s because Rudy isn’t just the 5th string defensive end on their team, he’s every player on the field. Missouri State is going to show up, play hard, lose by a staggering amount, and go home with money to keep their athletic department operating.

If Missouri State can keep it under a 50 point loss I’ll be impressed. You could give them Tom Brady and they’d still have no chance. More interesting than the actual game will be to see who the coaches give reps to in the game. This seems like a prime opportunity to see if any WR’s are ready to break out and shine. It’s a chance for backup RB Tra Carson to prove he can be an asset to the team when conference play kicks off. He received nine carries against Nevada so you’d have to expect that number to be matched against the Bears.

They say to never look past an opponent, but I’m going to go ahead and do just that. This game is the calm before the storm. I’m sure coach Kelly has his players’ attention on the game at hand, but they’re sure to at least have Arizona in their peripherals. For Oregon this game should be a cakewalk, it’s fun to put a lot of points on the board. It’s a Saturday where you should get some work done, hang out with your girlfriend, or go outside and enjoy living. After this weekend, there’s not a game you’re going to want to miss.

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