Michigan Post Season Prediciton

By Doug Ross

I haven’t made many predictions on how I feel the season will end up for the Wolverines, but I think it is time that I did.  So here it is, Michigan will play in a New Year’s Day bowl for the first time since Chad Henne, Mike Hart, Jake Long, Mario Manningham and company beat Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators.  Here are the reasons I believe they will do it:

They have 8 home games- How many are lucky enough to have 8 scheduled home games?  About 5 teams.  To put it into perspective, Oklahoma (Sooners) has 6 home games, and they are the #1 team in the country.  Michigan has 4 more home games than they do road games.  With the excitement of the Big House Renovations, every home game will be even more of an advantage than it ever was.

The road games aren’t that tough- Night game at Northwestern, a ranked Michigan State team, an Iowa squad that lost to Iowa State, an Illinois team that doesn’t quite have a run game.  Michigan State is the only game that Michigan will be expected to lose.  Every other game is at worst a toss up, and likely an edge to the Wolverines.

The caught a break with red teams- The three red jersey teams in the Big Ten are Wisconsin, Nebraska and Ohio State.  The Wolverines don’t play Wisconsin this year, whom I think is a bonafide title contender.  I think the world of Wisconsin, and I do not think they will have any trouble winning the Big 10, but the Wolverines do not face them.  Nebraska is a home game.  Sure the Cornhuskers may be more talented than the Wolverines, but traveling to Ann Arbor is a whole different animal.  I expect the crowd to be too much for Nebraska to have a decisive advantage.  Lastly, they get Ohio State at home.  Ohio State may be reeling by the time November 26th comes around.  I think you can throw the records out in any Michigan, Ohio State game, but the worst offseason in Ohio State history may be too much to overcome by seasons’ end.

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