Report: SEC Turns Down West Virginia's Application

By Riley Schmitt

Conference re-alignment has been all the rage recently.  With Syracuse and Pittsburgh leaving the Big East for the ACC, it seems the Big East’s days could be numbered.  With talk of a potential merger with the Big 12, some teams in the Big East are looking for greener pastures.  West Virginia is one of them.  Unfortunately for them, their pasture turned them down. is reporting that the SEC has turned down West Virginia’s application to join the league.  This comes as a shock to many, as I believed the SEC would add West Virginia and others to jump to 16 teams.  This raises numerous questions.  Could the SEC have their eye on adding Texas and Oklahoma?  They’ve added Texas A&M to jump to 13 teams, so WVU seemed like a logical 14th.

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What does this mean for West Virginia?  I’m sure the Big East isn’t going to look highly at them for trying to jump ship.  If West Virginia truly wants out, they will have to look to the ACC and the Big 10.  I doubt the Big 10 would take them, but if the ACC is pushing for 16 teams, they would only need to add one more with WVU.  WVU brings good football and basketball programs to the table.  If the ACC were to add West Virginia, they would rule the college basketball world.

The college athletics world is ever changing.  Stay tuned for more conference re-alignment updates as they become available.  It’s going to be an interesting ride.

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