Texas and Oklahoma Board of Regents Meeting Monday

By Jeff Shull

The Board of Regents for the University of Texas and Oklahoma University are each meeting on Monday—gee, I wonder what it could be about!

There is no secret that they are meeting to discuss what to do moving forward in terms of their conference affiliation. Do they stand strong and add members to the Big 12 conference, or do they move on and join the Pac 12?

The recent addition of Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC have seemingly limited UT’s options. Rumors began to spread last week that Texas was thinking about joining the ACC, but now that the team has 14 teams, I don’t see that happening.

There are rumors floating that more Big East or Big 10 schools would be added if the conference were to expand further.

Now, earlier this evening, ESPN’s Joe Schad is reporting that the Pac 12 is actively pursuing added OU and UT to their conference, seeing what it would take to get the Big 12 schools to depart from the conference.

While in Los Angeles for his game against UCLA, Texas president Bill Powers met with Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott, despite Scott standing firm that the conference was staying put.

Well, that’s what he has to say.

Sources told ESPN’s Andy Katz that the deal to add OU, OSU, Texas, and Texas Tech is still a long way away, but surprisingly Texas would be able to keep the Longhorn Network, as long as they showed other Pac 16 programming.

Apparently Pittsburgh was in line to join the Big 12 as Texas A&M’s replacement, but they decided to take the more practical choice with the ACC. The ACC is widely regarded as the best basketball conference, and Pitt’s program is one of the best in the country.

This move has shaken things up for the Big 12 and made the move for these four major schools to the Pac 12 all the more likely.


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