Michigan Takes on San Diego State

By Doug Ross

I’m not sure if nostalgia can exist after just nine months.  I believe it can after nine years, and it’s at least possible it can after just nine months.  The nine years reflect the amount of years it took for Brady Hoke to get back to Ann Arbor.  The nine months reflect the time that has elapsed since Hoke has encountered his former squad, the San Diego State Aztecs.  This game may play out to be a chess match, fortunately for SD State, Michigan’s been bestowed with more rooks, knights and queens.

Each contributor on the Aztecs’ roster is a former Brady Hoke commitment.  He has vast knowledge of the personnel.   Rocky Long is Hoke’s former defensive coordinator, and he has vast knowledge of Hoke’s tendencies.  He coaches a 3-0 team with some real talent.  Ronnie Hillman already has 8 touchdowns and 497 yards.  He is the key to the San Diego State offense.  If he can be contained, then this game won’t be remotely close.  His backfield mate is Ryan Lindley.  Lindley has an NFL body, arm, and head, but he can be erratic.  Either he is inaccurate, or throws an uncatchable ball.  Denard Robinson shares some of these characteristics, however, Robinson uses his feet better than anybody in the country.  Lindley runs as if he has cement in his cleats.   His longest run on the year is five.  If Craig Roh, Mike Martin and company can pressure Lindley then Michigan will likely win the turnover battle for the forth-straight game.

I believe Michigan will successfully do this, and move onto a 4-0 record.  With Hoke’s knowledge of the Aztecs’ system, I feel they will win by three possessions- 27-10.

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