Texas A&M Conference Realignment: What is the Move to SEC Really About?

By Jeff Shull

Having spent a number of days reading articles from the hack college football writers at ESPN and the ensuing comments from Texas fans, it was time for me to explain what the move to the SEC is really about for Texas A&M.

It’s hilarious how idiots like Jean-Jacques Taylor and Pat Forde hold no reservation in their bias towards Texas. You’d think with ESPN giving Texas a $300 million TV deal, it would warrant somewhat of a filter when it comes to showing Texas love.

That hasn’t stopped Taylor from calling A&M the whiniest fans in sports, nor Forde from placing no blame on Texas as to why three teams have left the Big 12 conference.

Alright enough bashing the Mothership.

First and foremost, the move to the SEC for Texas A&M is a move that is a long time coming, and one that puts them in the best position possible moving forward.

They are joining a conference that has much more national exposure in terms of football, which is the draw for most Aggies, and they don’t have a Texas in there trying to control everything.

The increase in revenue will help A&M in their plans to improve the university, which includes future plans to expand Kyle Field to 115,000 seats.

Not only that, but A&M is taking the initiative to not be left out when the Big XII crumbles. It seems less likely now then it did a month ago, especially when they forced Dan Beebe to resign, but the conference is unstable and seems to be in a downward spiral that ends when OU and OSU head to the Pac 12, with or without Texas.

Texas has been the bully ever since the Big XII came about. They know they have the biggest draw and fan base, so they have used that to push the other schools around, culminating in a $300 TV deal to have their own network.

I can’t really blame them as much as it aggravates me. Texas and Texas A&M are both doing what’s in their best interests, but you can’t tell me what Texas is doing isn’t motivated by greed. A&M’s moves is as much to do with being tired of getting pushed around as it is getting a better share of the revenue in their conference.

Texas want a bigger piece of the pie, they certainly deserve it, but that’s not how a conference works. They need to just go independent in football and be done with it.

As much as this has been made about football, the fact of the matter is A&M’s athletic program as a whole is one of the best in the country. The men’s basketball team has become a main stay in the March Madness tournament, and the baseball team is consistently in the hunt for Omaha, and made the trip to the CWS last Spring.

Not only that, but A&M has also just recently surpassed 50,000 students, making them the sixth largest university in the nation. They are No. 53 in terms of academics as well, a number that includes private and Ivy league institutions.

It’s comical how much Texas fan shows off their jealousy while we’re moving to a bigger and better conference. They dismiss A&M and at the same time talk about how A&M won’t fit in the SEC, nor does the SEC really want A&M in the conference.

Right, you think SEC wants Texas? Something tells me the hippy culture of Austin wouldn’t jive with the deep southern morals of all of the SEC schools, A&M included.

I also love the talk of how irrelevant A&M is and in the same breath we’re the death of the Big 12 and traitors to the conference. You can’t have it both ways Texas fan. If we’re so irrelevant tell the new head man to add Houston and keep moving.

Have fun with that.

As much as Texas fan will have you believe A&M is doomed to the depths of mediocrity, the fact remains that A&M has had two straight top 25 recruiting classes and are in line for a top 10 recruiting class in 2012. Clearly the move to the SEC has had some effect already.

Now that the move has become official, you can watch as Texas high school recruits flock to A&M with dreams of playing in the NFL while remaining in their home state. The easiest path to the NFL is through the toughest conference in football.

It may take a couple of years, but make no mistake about it A&M will be able to compete in the SEC.

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