Big East Realignment Now Almost a Certainty

By Alex Callos

With the departure of Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC now official, it’s time for the Big East to take action; Not time to sit back and watch.

Losing Syracuse and Pittsburgh hurts, but over the last five years they have totaled 1/3 of a Big East championship. Simply put, they haven’t done much. Replacing them will be much harder in basketball than it will in football.

Adding TCU in 2012 will certainly help. The Horned Frogs have been one of the best programs in the country in recent years and will single handedly improve the conference even with the loss of Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

If the Big East want to prevent folding, or just going to a basketball power conference, they will more than likely need to add more teams and quickly.

One team that should be at the head of that list is Temple. Temple has come on strong in football in recent years and could be an instant contender in the Big East. They also have a very solid basketball program that can help fill the void left by Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

Adding Temple and TCU would keep football at eight teams and basketball at 16. Making sure these two teams are added is the first step necessary to help preserve the conference.

After that, there are a few teams that are certainly worth consideration. Among the biggest names are Houston and UCF. Both these teams are currently in Conference USA and would be welcome additions to a struggling Big East conference.

Houston and Central Florida are both on the verge of being Top 25 programs and moving into the Big East might propel them into those ranks. They would help stabilize the Big East and possibly allow the conference to pick a few teams from a Big 12 conference whose future is completely up in the air.

With the college football landscape changing drastically, the Big East needs to take action and do it quickly to avoid crumbling.

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