Michigan Takes on Minnesota

By Doug Ross

Fill in the blank: Denard Robinson is to Michigan as blank is to Minnesota.  Good answer, Marqueise Gray it is.  Gray is the focal point of Minnesota’s average offense.  He is their leading passer and leading rusher by a wide margin.  Unfortunately for Minnesota, unlike Michigan where they go as far as Denard Robinson goes, it doesn’t really matter how far Marqueise Gray goes.  Reason being, Minnesota probably is doomed no matter what rabbit Gray pulls out of his hat.


Minnesota travels to Michigan for the first time in the Brady Hoke era tomorrow.   They are a stark underdog, but a young one.  It may prove to be in their favor, but it is highly unlikely.  Players like Da’Jon McKnight (a senior who doesn’t fall under the young category) have flashed talent, but the offense is too inconsistent to be wary of.  When Gray does complete a pass, which happens barely 50% of the time, he has had trouble turning those plays into touchdowns.


Gray is currently questionable, but is expected to play.  He and the Gophers are coming off a loss, at home, versus North Dakoa State.  Their best shot is if they play the wounded/rabid animal card, and come on the field looking to take anyone down with them.  Or maybe MJ’s “Secret Stuff” (Space Jam reference) is hidden in the Big Brown Jug, and Minnesota takes a swig or two prior to game time.  I’m projecting a beat down, as Michigan will continue to display that it is a factor in the B1G.  Score: 45-13.

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