Through Adversity, the Oklahoma State Cowboys Stand Together.

By Curtis Finchum

Four weeks into the season and Mike Gundy’s Oklahoma State Cowboys stand 4-0 and ranked 5th in the nation. It’s how the Cowboys got here though that is so astonishing.

The Cowboys coasted through Louisiana-Lafayette and Arizon to start the season. From here on however, it gets interesting.

Due to a heavy lighting storm the Cowboys kickoff time against the Tulsa Hurricanes was pushed past midnight. The game didn’t end until well after three in the morning after a decisive Cowboy victory.

A ridiculously late night wasn’t bad enough for the Cowboys, the real issues were just beginning.

Co-Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers coach Glenn Spencer lost his wife Angela to heart disease that Saturday night. So the Cowboys entered the week before the biggest game of the young season against #8 Texas A&M with little sleep and a weeping heart.

Spencer spent the week with family and was not apart of the teams game preparation for Saturdays top ten match-up. Coach Gundy believed that Spencer would not be rejoining the team for quite some time.

But sure enough, Spencer ended up flying to College Station, joined by his two sons, to be with his Cowboy “family”.

That’s what this Cowboy team has become, a family. Behind probably the most successful senior class in Oklahoma State’s history, these Cowboys have bonded and become a very tight nit group.

This became obvious after senior safety Markelle Martin asked the coaching staff for a helmet sticker for the players with Angela Spencers initials. Martin and the rest of his brothers wanted to dedicate this game to the Spencer family, and Coach Spencer agreed only because a player had asked.

So the Cowboys entered College Station ranked 7th in the nation with again one of the countries most prolific offenses. But it didn’t go exactly as the Coach Gundy had planned.

The Cowboys started completely flat, allowing Texas A&M to move the ball at will. The Cowboys had all the reasons in the world to come out that way though after the week that had gone through, but after scoring a pathetic three points and surrendering twenty points to A&M, Cowboy fans cringed at what could happen after halftime.

But this is the same team however that was down by fourteen last year against the Aggies (down 21-7) and stormed back for a surprising victory. This year down 20-3, Coach Gundy and his Cowboys entered the locker room completely shell shocked.

Coach Spencer however, was there to greet them with halftime adjustments for his defense. Then stars Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon stepped up and changed the attitude completely. These Cowboys woke up, and realized that they had been here before and they could do it again.

When the Cowboys ran back out onto Kyle Field, they were a completely different team. They drove down the field with ease to start the half and scored immediately and they weren’t done. The Cowboys rallied twenty-one straight points to take the leader 24-20 and never looked back.

But you can’t give all the credit to Brandon Weeden’s monster day. Sure Weeden went 47 of 60 for 438 yards and a touchdown, and had three receivers with at least ten catches (Blackmon, Josh Cooper, and Hubert Anyiam). But it wasn’t all him, the Cowboy defense deserves some praise too.

After literally being ran over in the first half, the Cowboy defense stiffened and completely shut down Ryan Tannehill and the Aggie offense. The Cowboys forced four turnovers (one fumble and three interceptions) and made play after play to give the Cowboy offense some life.

Junior corner Brodrick Brown, standing at 5’8″, shut down the Aggies top receiver Jeff Fuller, standing at 6’4″, and had one interception and a key tip that was picked off by linebacker James Thomas.

The Cowboys proved just how much heart and character they really have. After a week filled with adversity, they came together and mounted a comeback that was thought impossible nationwide.

Mike Gundy has a team he can be proud of, and a team that has all the heart and character to not only make a run at the Big XII championship but a BCS Championship as well.



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