Huskers Offense Searching for Identity

By Paul Troupe

Nebraska had an identity on offense. In one night, Tim Beck tko’d that notion. Nebraska was running that ball up and down the field on Wisconsin.

In 12 plays, that all changed. From late in the second quarter, to the first play of the third quarter, Taylor Martinez threw 3 interceptions. Nebraska’s one point lead turned into a 20 point deficit.

All momentum that Nebraska had was completely gone. Wisconsin, from that first possession, until the end of the game, absolutely dominated the Huskers.

Nebraska is built to run the ball. So why the heck did Tim Beck throw the ball 5 straight plays!!!! Rex Burkhead and Taylor Martinez were able to move the ball. The offensive line was creating big holes.

So, where does Nebraska go from here?

Plain and simple, it is get back to the running game that has been effective for the Huskers for a long, long time.

The Huskers need to get the ball to their playmakers in the backfield. Obviously this means Rex Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah, Braylon Heard, and Aaron Green.

All of those guys have great stats so far on this year. Rex Burkheaad is one of the best running backs in the B1G 10 so far this year. Had Tim Beck given him the ball more against Wisconsin, things could have been quite different.

Rex only carried the ball 8 times in the first half. 8! Only when the Huskers had gone down large (and Taylor’s third pick) did Beck start to get the running game going again. Burkhead would finish the game with 18 carries for 96 yards, for a 5.3 yard average.

For Nebraska to stay competitive this year, they will need to run the ball consistently. Then they will have to pound the rock some more. And some more. And even when their tired of running it down an opponents throat, they will do it some more.

Then, and only then, should they entertain the idea of letting Taylor step back and throw the ball.

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