Unsettling Comments From Purdue Players on Twitter

By Drew Wooden

The twitterworld revealed some unsettling comments from Purdue players today. One of the comments that sparked criticism from the players was when Coach Hope said quarterback Robert Marve

“got outside of the system at times when he really didn’t have to” and “didn’t manage the offense all that well.”

For Coach Hope’s full comments, check out the video HERE.

In response to Hope’s comments, Robert Marve tweeted this:

“Don’t understand how I was not playing in the system! It was rough from the get go, don’t understand how that was on me.”

Surprisingly, this tweet prompted a response from former Purdue wide receiver Keith Smith:

“@RMarve9 don’t try to understand it, u never will. It’s all to said to distract everyone to where the real problem is. Which U and I kno!!”

Gerald Gooden chipped in with comments about his dissatisfaction with the team.  All in all, this amounts to some unhappy campers in the locker room, which could affect Purdue’s play.  Let’s hope the players can get this malcontent attitude out of their system and regroup for an important game against Minnesota.


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