Huskers Prepping for Buckeyes

By Paul Troupe

Ohio State is getting ready to visit Lincoln this Saturday. And to no surprise, this game has far less hype than it did when the schedule first came out. Nebraska was just thumped by the Badgers, and Ohio State can’t do anything right so far. This game is going to be quite interesting, to say the least.

Both teams have something to prove, and neither want to be 0-2 in B1G 10 play.

Ohio State will come in and try to prove that they actually have an offense. Through the first five weeks, their offense is 108th in the nation. Versus Miami and Michigan State, the Buckeyes only had 100 total yards early in the fourth quarter. That is not only pathetic but is also embarrassing for a program that has done so well over the years.

The Huskers will come in and try to prove they belong in the B1G 10. Let’s just say a former rival (Oklahoma) didn’t take to kindly to the beating this weekend.

This tweet comes from Oklahoma linebacker Travis Lewis toward Nebraska after it was squashed in a big game Saturday night: “I feel bad for Nebraska. Couldn’t win in the Big 12, then go to the Big 10 and can’t win. Maybe Conference USA would be a better fit.”

The Huskers will come in and run the ball against the Buckeyes. Get back to their bread and butter for so many years. The defense will also need to show up, as they have been missing for quite some time.

I do believe, though, that the defense is close (see my previous post today). If the secondary can get things figured out, this defense will get a whole lot better.

Taylor Martinez has also been working out this week, and will need to be sharper if the Huskers expect to win.

If Nebraska were to lose this game, things are not going to be so friendly on Monday.

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