Gunslinger Extraordinaire: Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden.

By Curtis Finchum

Four games, four wins, and Oklahoma State’s star quarterback Brandon Weeden looks to even be better than ever.

Weeden has already thrown for 1592 yards and completed 142 of 191 of his passes thus far for 10 touchdowns. However to start the year, it looked as if Weeden had allowed some of the previous seasons success and the off-seasons glory to get into his head throwing six interceptions.

That didn’t take long to change however, after Weeden torched the Texas A&M offense in a furious come from behind victory. Weeden completed 47 of 60 passes for 438 yards and two touchdowns without an interception.

But what makes Weeden so explosive? Is it the playbook? The great protection from the Cowboys offensive line? The talented receiving core he throws too?

Yes, it’s all the above but that’s not all. Weeden has an ace up his sleeve that makes him that much better.

Before Weeden returned to school he was drafted by the New York Yankee’s as a pitcher. As we all know, he was unable to break into the Majors and chose to return to college.

After looking uninterested throughout the Zac Robinson’s tenure, Weeden took advantage in the second half of the Colorado game two seasons ago when Robinson was sidelined with an injury and Alex Cate had proved ineffective.

Weeden then became the heir apparent to a program that needed to head in a new direction.

In a season surrounded by uncertainty, the last thing Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy needed was a young immature quarterback to become the leader of his squad.

What he got instead, was a 26 year old Weeden. Who sure, at times appeared immature and inconsistent, but in reality had only tapped into his potential.

Weeden is the engine that drives the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He’s the guy in the huddle who gets everyone on the same page, and once he settled in he seems virtually impossible to rattle.

Thanks to Weeden’s leadership, the Cowboys have risen to fifth in the nation and seemed poised to make a run at Big XII and BCS Title.

Only one question remains. Have we seen the best Weeden has to offer? Only one way to find out, first up Kansas.

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