NCAA Football

Big East Expansion: Boise St. Now Mentioned in Talks

With TCU expected to announce that they are joining the Big 12 later today, the Big East has finally started to scramble in search of new teams.

The latest name mentioned is Boise St. Nothing makes much sense for the Broncos to join the Big East, including geography, but the football program has been one of the best over the past decade and would instantly be the top team in the Big East.

Boise St. would join as a football only member and could instantly help boost the reputation of the Big East.

Reports are also surfacing that the Big East is also considering Navy and Army for football only, along with Temple and Central Florida for all sports. This would give the conference 16 basketball teams once again and 11 football teams.

Villanova is also reported to be a possibility as the 12th football team.

Adding Temple and Central Florida seems like a smart thing to do considering the geography of the schools and the rise of both football programs in recent seasons. Temple would also add a little something to the basketball conference that will be missing with the departure of Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

The service academies do not seem to add much in the way of football talent, but may be the best and only option for a conference frantically trying to save itself.

A Big East conference call is scheduled for today and more should be known on the subject after that.

If the Big East has any hope of retaining its BCS status, it will need to add Boise St. for that to even be a possibility. Only time will tell if that will happen and the next few weeks will likely tell the story.