Taylor Martinez Growing

What a difference a week can do for Taylor Martinez. He went from being the butt of media jokes, to being nominated for the Player of the Week. Taylor is maturing right before our eyes.

Just a random question for you. When is the last time Taylor Martinez completed 10 passes in a row like he opened the game against Ohio State. Also, did you know he’s only played quarterback for 3 and a half years? Yea, that’s right. Not even 4 years. I think it puts things back into perspective.

Now let’s break it down a little bit more. Taylor has been making as many smart decisions as dumb ones so far this year. This game, I’d say he definitely made more smart decisions. He worked hard this week at practice, and is definitely trying to prove his critics wrong.

One thing he definitely needed to do though was slide. There were a few times when he was indecisive on whether to slide, or whether to try and take on defenders. He got away with it for the most part, but a couple times, he got crunched. And those weren’t just little hits. Those were comparable to the NCAA “Big Hit” stick on the popular EA Sports games.

He also worked on covering the ball up, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not believe he fumbled. He definitely wrapped that ball up securely, not letting Buckeyes defenders hold him up and strip it.

Taylor also made some pretty good passes. That touchdown pass to Enunwa was a thing of beauty. It was perfectly in stride, he didn’t overthrow or under throw him, which has been a problem.

T-Magic also made a great play to avoid the pressure, dance around, and then find Burkhead in the flat. He almost left Burkhead out to dry, but Rex made a great play, and he was off to the races and scored.

Taylor’s confidence has definitely gone up this week, and he’s a much different player than last week versus Wisconsin. Let’s hope this is the start of something good.

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