Big East Expansion: New Targets Pop Up in Latest Conversations

By Alex Callos

Many different schools have been thrown around in recent weeks for Big East expansion and the latest three are all universities from Conference USA.

One of those schools Central Florida has been mentioned previously. The other two, SMU and Houston are relatively new names to the discussions.

Houston is now the new big target for the Big East. After a league meeting earlier in the week, it has been determined that the Big East could expand to as many as 12 football schools.

The conference has been authorized to begin formal discussions with a number of different universities.

The main reasons Houston has been discussed are their recent rise in attendance over the past few seasons and their success on the football field. They have raised money for a new football stadium that is set to be built soon and will hold up to 50,000 people once it is complete.

With so many names being tossed around, it is hard to run through them all and pick out who would be best for the Big East to add if it wants to keep it BCS status.

Among the names discussed are Temple, Air Force, Navy, Central Florida, Houston, SMU, Memphis, East Carolina and Boise St. among others. If the Big East plans on adding six more schools, these will likely be the ones they consider with Temple, Houston, Central Florida and Boise St. being the biggest names among the short list.

While the Big East still has three more years until Pittsburgh and Syracuse officially bolt for the ACC, they can add teams and expand the conference immediately.

After sitting back and waiting around, they have finally started to do some work and have contacted other universities about possibly picking up new teams. Only time will tell what will happen to the Big East, but it is nice to see that progress is finally being made toward expanding the conference.

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