Big East Football: Possible Division Realignment With New Teams

With so much talk about the Big East adding teams, discussions have already began about divisions for a 12-team football conference.

The addition of new teams such as Central Florida, Temple, Navy, Houston, Air Force and SMU would give the conference 12-teams.

Talks have started to divide those 12-teams into two six-team divisions. One division would be comprised of Rutgers, Connecticut, South Florida, Central Florida, Temple and Navy. The other division would have West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati, Houston, Air Force and SMU.

One division would have a more east coast feel while the second would be the teams from farther west.

While it has not been determined that these teams are definitely those that will be added, it is a strong possibility. If Boise St. does commit to the Big East, they would likely replace Navy and West Virginia would be shifted to the other division.

Villanova is also a possible replacement for Navy as they are still sitting on the fence.

This whole plan could blow to shreds if the Big 12 decides to add Louisville in 2012 after the departure of Missouri to the SEC. There is also a possibility of West Virginia joining the Big 12 if it expands to 12 teams. This would throw a wrench into the plans for the Big East and could possibly lead to the eventual dismantling of the football portion of the conference.

It seems that progress is being made for a conference that is still trying to save itself. Only time will tell if the Big East can not only save itself, but keep its automatic bid to the BCS.

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  • Distinguishedandwise

    Sounds like a good start…when will the invitations be going out. The basketball schools need to keep their nose out of the football issues and be relegated to their own entity

    • Alex Callos

      I am not sure when the invitations will be going out. I would say pretty quickly. Yes, basketball needs to stay separate for now and let the football schools figure it out. I think in the next month there will be some invitations sent out.

      • distinguishedandwise

        It appears that Boise State, Houston and SMU are instrumental and key to the Big East’s plan.Two of them are ranked and the other may have some
        potential to be a solid football team as well. If Boise State accepts an invitation is it possible that either Houston or SMU could be dropped as some other blogs have indicated?

        • Alex Callos

          Yes, I think it is more likely that SMU will be dropped. The Big East seems to really want Houston and Central Florida along with Boise St. SMU is not as high on the list. Are you a fan of any of these schools?

          • Distinguishedandwise

            I am an alumni of Houston and we are looking forward in joining the Big East. I would have liked to have seen all three teams but I think Boise State and UH are the real keys. I have seen Houston really progress over the last few years and it is reminiscent of the glory days of the SWC. It won;t be the end of the world if Houston doesn’t get in , but it would be a heck of an opportunity for both the Big East and the University of Houston.

            Thank you for your insight..

          • Alex Callos

            Thanks for the read and comments. I think Houston would be a great addition to the Big East. They have come a long way over the years in football.

  • IMO

    I really think the Big East is missing the boat !!! The next two seasons they actually could have 14 teams(remember Pitt and Cuse). They may as well scoop up the best 8 teams to add to their current 8(remember Pitt & Cuse). Set the BE up correctly as a 16 team/ 4 division conference ! Then immediately approve Villanova and either U Mass or Memphis to replace Pitt and Syracuse in 2014 ! They must bring in Boise !!!!

    • Alex Callos

      I agree. Pittsburgh and Syracuse will still be around for the next few years and getting to 16 for football would be nice.