Jack Swarbrick Hits Nail on Head with Crowd Noise


Notre Dame Stadium is many things. The tradition rich stadium is one of the best looking venues on one of the most beautiful campuses in the entire country and happens to be full every Saturday when the Irish play at home.

Despite having a soldout stadium every week, a lack of crowd noise compared to other stadiums across the country has been questioned by visitors and fans who come in to South Bend. Even Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick has noticed it as well.

“We have a really important football game the Saturday you return from fall break,”Swarbrick said to students on Wednesday. “I need two things from you to make that night successful. I need your passion. I travel around with our team, and our stadium is the quietest place we play. I want you guys on that Saturday night at least once to make USC have a false start penalty.”

Swarbrick went on further.

“We haven’t had a night game here in a long time because people are concerned about having a game that late and the consequences it will have on our conduct. You can solve that problem. So help us on that Saturday night to make the loudest, most raucous, but safe environment in college football.”

I couldn’t agree more with his comments. I have never been to a game in South Bend, but the lack of crowd noise compared to other stadiums across the college football landscape is noticeable watching on television. Frankly, in my view, there is no excuse for it.

Yes, Notre Dame is one of the better schools academically across the United States, but that doesn’t mean the students can’t be rowdy and loud like a Duke basketball game. Smart kids are just as capable as making noise as kids at an institution that isn’t as well known for its academics.

This isn’t only on the student body though. The rest of the fans, including the alumni and the people from out of town, need to make some noise as well. For some reason, those fans think they can rest on Notre Dame’s history and sit on their hands and not make any noise.

Hopefully the student body and those fans make Notre Dame Stadium loud and crazy for next week’s game against USC. For the first time in more than two decades, the Irish will have a home game in primetime. That alone should get Irish fans excited.

Remember the Bush Push game from a few years back? That was the loudest I have ever heard that stadium in all my years of watching Notre Dame football. Hopefully it can reach that level once again a week from today.

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