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Big East Football: West Virginia Ready to Jump to Big 12

Reports have began to surface today that West Virginia is about to make the jump to the Big 12.

It has also been reported that Missouri is ready to head to the SEC, but the board of directors of the Big 12 held a meeting and decided to hold onto Missouri for one more year and then replace them with West Virginia.

While the beginning of the end  for the Big East may have been Pittsburgh and Syracuse jumping to the ACC, the end of the end may be the departure of West Virginia to the Big 12.

The Big East is now only left with five FBS schools: Cincinnati, Louisville, Connecticut, Rutgers and South Florida.

If there was ever a time to act quickly, the time is now for Big East Commissioner John Marinatto who needs to pick up some teams or risk losing not only his automatic qualifying status, but also his football conference all-together.

The 27-month waiting period for teams to leave the conference may be all that stands in the way of keeping the Big East together for the next few years, because a five-team league is not much of a league and is certainly not worthy of BCS status.

While losing Syracuse and Pittsburgh was more of a damage to the basketball conference, losing West Virginia is a huge blow to the football league as they have been the cream of the crop in an already weak football conference.

It may be nearly impossible for the Big East to retain AQ status in the future.

Sources have also reported that the Big 12 plans to stay pat at 10 teams for a year and then expand to 16-teams with its main targets being Louisville, Cincinnati, BYU and Boise St.

If that happens sometime soon, the ten million dollar exit fee and the 27-month waiting period will go away because the Big East as a football conference will likely collapse.

Stay tuned for more on the downfall of the Big East in the coming weeks.