Huskers Must Exploit Spartans Defense

By Paul Troupe

Michigan State has been the class of the B1G 10 so far, proving that defense does win championships. Currently, they have the number one defense in the B1G 10, something that the Huskers were expected to have. This Saturday, Michigan State travels to Lincoln, with the winner controlling their destiny in the Legends Division.

Michigan State’s defense is big, fast, strong, and smart. They tackle with ferocity. They know their assignments and execute well. The Spartans have also been very good about making plays on the other side of the line of scrimmage, with plenty of sacks and tackles for loss on the year.

However, the Huskers may be able to exploit one of the Spartans biggest strengths: their aggressiveness. Nebraska’s no huddle system has been wearing teams out this year. Just ask the Buckeyes, Gophers, Cowboys, and Huskies. Nebraska was able to run the ball effectively at the later stages of the game.

Michigan State will come out, and do not be surprised if they hit the Huskers hard early, forcing a few three and outs. The offense may not be able to sustain some drives, but hopefully they will be able to string a few first downs together.

As the game progresses, the Huskers must force the tempo. When they line up and fake the snap, Michigan State very well could give away what they are doing, and then the Huskers will send their play call in. The Spartans, however, could very easily counter with an audible.

For this game, the Huskers must use the Spartans aggressiveness against them. The Husker’s offense needs to force the tempo. They should also work on using counters, misdirections, and reverses to catch the Spartans out of position. If the Huskers run the ball effectively, and Taylor can make an on target throw, the play action could be used very well, resulting in a long completion or touchdown.

This game will not be easy, but the offense must control the tempo and wear down the Spartans if they expect to win this week.

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