Big East Football Set to Expand to 12-Teams

By Alex Callos

After talk have began of sending out all-sport invitations to Houston, UCF and SMU in recent days, the Big East is now ready to send more invites to three schools for football only.

Boise St, Navy and Air Force wil receive formal invitations to join the league as football only members.

Big East commissioner John Marinatto expects the teams to accept the invitation, which would be huge and could help save the conference and its BCS status.

Adding Boise St. and Houston in football would do more than replace the three teams they lost. Making up for the talent lost in basketball will be much tougher however, as none of the three teams will be much competition on the hardwood in the Big East.

If all six accept, the Big East will be up to 11 teams and only one away from the 12 they desire.

The two schools in the race for the 12th spot look to be Temple and Memphis. They would greatly enhance the basketball conference, particularly Memphis who is one of the top teams in the country every year.

There is a chance both teams will be added with the possible departure of Louisville to the Big 12 or Connecticut to the ACC in the coming years.

It is also a possibility that the league will go to 14 teams and pick up both Memphis and Temple along with one more school.

Finally, some progress is being made for a conference that is on the edge and ready to fall over. While it is expected that all six will accept invitations, the Big East needs to continue adding schools if it wants to retain its BCS status.

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