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NCAA Football

Huskers Offensive Recruiting Needs

With the final 3+ weeks of the regular season winding down, Nebraska’s offensive inefficiencies have been exposed by multiple teams in this conference. Whether it be the running game disappearing or the passing game, Nebraska’s offense needs to get better. And to get better, they need to recruit and develop that talent better.

Nebraska’s got a solid quarterback in Taylor Martinez. T-Magic made great strides last game, and arguably had the best passing day of his career (or Oklahoma State last year). Taylor will be the quarterback for the Huskers for the next two year, minus injury. But the Huskers lack of depth is scary behind him. Brion Carnes is solid, but the duo of Green and Starling behind him never happened. The Huskers need a quarterback who has legs, but can be solid in the passing game. I’m thinking someone along the lines of Joe Ganz, but faster. Fast enough to run the option, the arm strength to bomb it down the field, and the accuracy to thread the needle.

Nebraska has some solid running back depth, with a trio of freshmen. They also have a decent amount at wide receiver, but they need to get bigger. Brandon Kinnie is a big body, but he will be gone this season. Quincy Enunwa and Kenny Bell have emerged this year. Jamal Turner was heard from early on, but haven’t seen him much of late. What Nebraska lacks tho is a big go to receiver. Nebraska had Nate Swift, but he wasn’t all that big. Maurice Purify was a big body for the Huskers. Nebraska needs bigger guys like him, ones who aren’t afraid to be physical and take the hit.

Nebraska’s offensive line depth is very good. They consistently rotate guys in and out, providing one of the best depth in the league, and maybe even the country. But they also need to focus more. the Northwestern game was evident that focus has been a problem. Nebraska’s line needs to get more physical if they want to constantly push people around week in and week out.