Report: Penn State to Hold 'Blue Out' Against Nebraska to Raise Awareness For Child Abuse

By Dan Parzych

There’s no denying what has happened over the last couple of days at Penn State with the sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky and firing of Joe Paterno is difficult for one of the strongest fan bases not just in college football, but all of sports. With Saturday’s game against Nebraska quickly approaching, a group of students at Penn State deserves credit for trying to make the best of an awful situation by raising awareness to prevent child abuse.

According to Graham Watson of Yahoo! Sports, students at the university have organized a “blue out” for Saturday’s game against Nebraska by selling shirts that read “Stop Child Abuse, Blue Out Nebraska.” In the past, Beaver Stadium has been well-known for their “white outs” in which the entire stadium dresses in white (which actually looks pretty amazing) and a group of students came up with the idea to wear blue shirts for the upcoming game instead.

Obviously, this is a classy move by students as all proceeds will go to Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania. Of course, football comes second to what the important factor is here–which is the victims and their families that have to deal with all of this.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them during this difficult time and it’s good these students coming together to fight this cause–especially with the way things got out of control on Wednesday night.

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