"Shoot-Out" in Texas

By Ronel Parayno

The past two Saturdays in Austin have been points galore. A win over Kansas (43-0) and then a 52-20 point game against Texas Tech showed the crowd in Austin what winning was again (so really not much of a shoot out). For this past Saturday the Red Raiders were looking to bounce back after that embarrassing loss to Iowa State, but bouncing back wasn’t really an option Texas gave them.

The Longhorns, like they did against Kansas, held the Red Raiders under 30 rushing yards. It seems like to me that the Longhorns have gotten there groove back on defense. With Emmanuel Acho, Keenan Robinson, and Jackson Jeffcoat playing well the front off Texas is set. As for the secondary, now that’s questionable.

Yes I gave the Longhorns a lot of praise for their run defense, but I have to throw their secondary under the bus. Yes it was nice to see them holding Kansas to 48 yards passing, but its Kansas. Then Texas Tech comes along and airs out 381 yards and two touchdowns. Yes they won that game but what happens when they don’t score that many points the next game? Let’s be honest here, people are saying that Texas is good enough to make it to the Cotton Bowl. If they play like they have been the past two games, on offense, then yes; if the offense performs terribly along with giving up 300+ passing yards then no. If the Longhorns want to make it to the Cotton Bowl then here is the solution.

As long as the offensive line protects David Ash the longhorns will win. The reason being is if he is standing up the whole game then earth, wind, and fire (Whittaker, Brown, and Bergeron) behind him can get you some points. Back in the day when Colt was quarterback it was all about passing, but now that the Longhorns have a rookie playing QB it’s all about the running game.

The past two games the three tailbacks are combined for a whopping nine touchdowns; five of which came from true freshman Joe Bergeron. He came on to the scene like rapid spreading wild fire. He has raked in 327 yards of his 414 in the past two games. Bergeron has caught everyone’s eye in Austin. So as long as the offensive line does its job then Big Joe can do his thing.

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