Penn State Loses, Wisconsin Controls Own Destiny

With the 17-14 Penn State loss to Nebraska just moments ago, the No. 18 Wisconsin Badgers (7-2, 3-2) are in control of their own destiny once again. If Wisconsin wins their final three games, they will be the Leaders Division Champions.

After Penn State’s first loss in conference this season, they now stand at 5-1 in the Big 10 Leaders Division and 8-2 overall. Bielema’s bunch currently sits one game behind Penn State in conference, but would have the same overall record as PSU with a win today over the Golden Gophers.

If the Wisconsin Badgers defeat Minnesota today, then both the Badgers and PSU will have two games remaining. Wisconsin would slide to 4-2 in the Leaders Division and 8-2 overall.

For the first time all season in Big 10 play, Penn State faced a tough opponent. They have played eight nobodies to grab the eight wins they boast. However ironic it was that PSU’s first true test of the season came after a media frenzy the last few days in State College. No matter what, this game was going to be under a gigantic microscope whether Penn State football was good or bad. It just so happened that they were way overrated, to the tune of the No. 12 ranked team in the nation, and it amped the press coverage that much more.

All this game proved was that Penn State’s offense, which was run by Joe Paterno’s son, is putrid. It may be the worst offense in the Big 10 this season, alongside the Indiana Hoosies (IU’s Basketball team could score more than their football). Either way, PSU was exploited for the overrated team that they are on a national spectrum. It won’t get any easier for Penn State as they travel to Ohio State next week and then it’s off to Madison the next week for the Wisconsin showdown.

If the Badgers could just make it to the Penn State match-up down by a game or less, that game in Madison in two weeks would dictate the winner of the Leaders Division in 2011. This should make for some incredible Big 10 action the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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  • Matt Anderson

    Maybe I will see you in Indianapolis after all. GO GREEN!

    • Rob Christy

      Tell that moron Tony Pirano that Penn State is in State College, PA not College Station. Pretty pathetic that a so called journalist doesn’t know this!!!

      • Troy Pfaff

        And that he’s making it seems like State got blown out of the water and were “way overrated.” The final score was 17-14 Nebraska, and PSU missed a field goal in the first quarter that, according to my calculations, would have had the game tied at the end of regulation. They also had the ball and were driving as time expired.

        The only legitimate sentence in this entire article is where he says Penn State’s offense is putrid. That it is.

        • Tony Piraro

          Thanks Troy once again for your input, however misguided it may be. Maybe you just read the box score and didnt watch the game entirely or couldn’t understand what you were witnessing. Nebraska was driving when they were up 17-3 and it looked as if Penn State had no right to be in the Big 10. Then a costly Huskers turnover turned the game around. Penn State’s offense is inept and it will only get worse against real defenses like Ohio State and Wisconsin in the next two weeks. Some casual fans cant understand that the score of the game doesnt always dictate how close it really was. Nebraska came into a hostile environment and handled their business on PSU’s Senior Day. That is enough in itself. The Huskers dominated Penn State from start to finish. Any other team in the Big 10, besides Indiana, would of scored more points off PSU. Taylor Martinez looked lost at times, like a deer caught in headlights. How did they sneak out of there with a win? I have no clue. Maybe karma is not on Penn State’s side anymore…

      • Tony Piraro

        Thanks Rob, I got it. It’s my fault I write so many articles a day, I can’t keep some places straight. Thanks for taking time from your day job to help me out with mine. Come back soon.