Big East Football: San Diego St. Now Mentioned in Realignment Talks

By Alex Callos

BYU was mentioned in talks of Big East expansion in recent weeks, but another name came to light over the past couple days as a possible candidate for expansion.

That school is San Diego St.

Many people are hesitant to consider San Diego St. a team that would benefit the Big East, but they are a school that would greatly enhance the basketball Big East with the loss of two of their top schools Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

San Diego St. is not only a viable football program, but is an excellent basketball school. They made the Sweet 16 last season before falling to eventual National Champion Connecticut.

They also made the NCAA Tournament in 2010 and are a program on the rise under head coach Steve Fisher.

The addition would expand the Big East from coast to coast which may be more beneficial than some people think and would put San Diego St. on the map for basketball recruiting.

BYU, Houston and Boise St. will be excellent additions for football, but the league must look to other places so they can improve on basketball which will be hurting from the losses of West Virginia, Syracuse and Pittsburgh.

San Diego St. would fit that mold perfectly, along with a team like Temple who not only is a football program on the rise, but has been one of the biggest basketball powers over the past 30 seasons.

So while initially, it might not look like San Diego St. is a viable option for expansion, the benefits they will bring on the hardwood will help a conference that needs to look further than just the football field.


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