Husker Embarrassment

By Paul Troupe

Well, that was just a total stinker. Earlier this week, I wrote about how Nebraska had a chance to prove to the B1G 10 that they belong in this league. Saturday’s game was eerily reminiscent of a Badger beat down on the Huskers first road trip of their B1G 10 lives’; and now they Huskers drop the ball on their last road B1G road game of the season.

Nebraska, for all the struggles they were having, were still right in the thick of it to start the second half, down only 17-10. Special teams have been good to the Huskers all year…until today.

2 fumbled kick offs, a blocked punt, and a questionable “roughing” the kicker call gave Michigan excellent field position, and kept the drive alive. Nebraska cannot expect to win a game of this magnitude with so many mental mistakes.

The offense didn’t help out much either. They held the ball for a measly 18:39. Less than 33%!!! The final total offensive plays came out to 80-54 in favor of Michigan, a huge discrepancy.

No one really came to play today. Rex ran the ball hard, but come on Beck, we can’t give him only  10 carries for the entire game. As highlighted earlier this week also, the receivers once again dropped the ball. With the offense struggling, and Taylor throwing the ball decent, the receivers needed to make the plays.

Lavonte David was a beast out there. If he doesn’t win Defensive Player of the Year, there better be some good justification. 13 first half tackles, 17 for the game, 0.5 sacks, and 2.5 tackles for loss. The man is a machine, and may just be the best linebacker to come through Nebraska. Yes, I’m serious about that. Another topic for another day.

The Huskers will have to put this one behind them though, as Iowa comes to town on a short week. The Huskers still have a chance to reach the 10 win mark, but will need to play exponentially better than this week.

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